Character selection will begin July 6th!

Character selection for The Night in Question 5 will begin on July 6th! If you bought a Early Bird, Standard or Blood Bag ticket, you will be sent invites to our character selection website Larpweaver that weekend to select your characters.

How does character selection work?

You click the link in the game invite email, and then you will sign into the Larpweaver website. Click on The Night in Question 5 to begin the process, and you will be presented with options that will guide you in selecting your character groups and then your specific character. After selecting your character, you will answer some questions and fill out their name and details. You will be able to access your selected character by signing into Larpweaver any time afterwards.

Characters are first come, first serve, and invites will be sent out at regular intervals in order of when your ticket was purchased. As character groups fill up, others become unlocked to accommodate more and more players while making sure groups are filled up enough.

What if I change my mind about my character later?

Our staff will be able to help with that. We can either reset the character selection process, or change your character to a different one manually. Just contact us on the Discord in the Ask the Staff channel.

What if I bought a custom character ticket?

Our goal is to have custom characters written by the time general character selection begins. If you have any questions about your custom characters, please reach out to the staff and we will provide the best answers we can.

The staff can help out with any other questions in the Ask the Staff channel on Discord, or emailing us at

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