Tickets for the 2024 event will be on sale February 24th, 2024.

Standard Tickets



Our standard admission ticket. Players may have the opportunity to play either vampires or mortals at the beginning of the night, depending on how slots fill up. Mortal characters are most likely – but tons of fun as they experience the horror then the embrace.

Blood Bag


Want to be a scream queen? Think it’s fun to be covered in blood and gore? Play as a human victim throughout the event. Blood bags will be given characters to portray as the victims of vampiric violence. You will live, scream and die several times during the night!

Blood bag players should be prepared for consensual physical contact and be comfortable dealing with blood, gore and simulated violence.

Special Packages

Blooded (Deluxe)


Our deluxe package, which includes:

  • Two nights stay at the hotel
  • Guaranteed vampire character from the selection of pre-written characters
  • Professional make-up work for a vampire look

True Monster (Transformation)


For those who wish to embody the monstrosity of the Sabbat. Perfect for die-hard fans of the Tzimisce or their flesh-crafted creations.

  • Two nights stay at the hotel
  • Custom character creation with one-on-one work with the writers
  • Pre-game session with a professional SFX make-up artist, from a selection of professional-grade Woochie prosthetics and the option of providing more yourself.

Group Packages

Walking Feast (5 Tickets)


Want to die in good company?

  • 5 tickets for 5 custom non-vampire characters, slated for a special fate
  • Customized back story and special plot elements created with the writing team

War Pack (5 Tickets)


Want to get together and be horrible with your friends?

  • 5 tickets for 5 custom Sabbat vampire characters in a war pack
  • Professional make-up work for a vampiric look for all pack members
  • Customized back story and special plot elements created with the writing team

Refund Policy

Partial refunds are available only at staff discretion up to two weeks before the event, minus transaction fees and incurred costs. An additional 25% cancellation fee will be applied.

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