Travel Planning

The Night In Question will be held at two locations – the first part will be required briefings and workshopping held at The Hampton Inn & Suites in Bastrop, TX; and the second part will be the game event held at the Cauldron’s Keep venue. You can read more about the locations here.

Attendance at the safety & rules workshops Saturday afternoon is required to participate in the LARP. Anyone who does not attend the workshops in full will not be eligible to participate in the LARP. The character workshops and meet & greet on Friday is optional but highly encouraged.

Traveling to the Game

When to Arrive

Ticket holders need to be in at the workshop location on time for the safety and rules workshops. Arriving the night before is recommended for social events, and character workshops.


Hampton Inn & Suites in Bastrop, TX is less than 20 miles from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and is 30 miles outside of Austin. Cauldron’s Keep is 20 minutes drive away from the hotel.

Ride share (Uber) and taxi service is available in Bastrop and Austin. Rental cars are available at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Taxi fare from the airport runs around $30. If you wish to visit Austin or other attractions during your visit, we recommend renting a car.

To keep costs down and keep parking to a minimum, players are encouraged to carpool from the hotel to the game site. It has generous but not unlimited parking. If you have issues with transportation, do not hesitate to contact the game staff. Ride share services going from the site back to your hotel may not be available, given the late hour and inconsistent mobile phone coverage. Please make your plans to return to your hotel ahead of time.

Air Travel

We recommend flying into Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, which is only 20 miles from the hotel. Flying into other larger cities such as Houston or Dallas will result in several hours of driving to get to the site. The next closest airport, San Antonio International Airport, is 90 miles away and a two hour drive to the briefing site.

Train Travel

Amtrak service is available to Austin from San Antonio and Dallas, via the Texas Eagle 22 service, daily. Taxi service costs from the Amtrak station to Bastrop can be substantial.


Hampton Inn & Suites Bastrop

The Hampton Inn in Bastrop has offered a block of discounted rooms to our players, at a discount rate. This will also be the site of our briefing and workshops the day of the game, so it makes it the best option for lodging for our players.

Click here for more information about our hotel.

Staying in Bastrop or Austin

Bastrop, Texas features a variety of hotels and other accommodations that are reasonably priced, and all are within a short drive of the hotel. Staying in Austin is also an option, but keep in mind it will be half an hour or more drive to the site.

Other Sights and Attractions

If you are planning on having a more extended stay in the area, there are many great sites and places to check out.

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