Safety Policies, Game Content, and Limits

Content Warnings

The Night in Question is a high-intensity high-immersion horror experience. It features dysfunctional mortals and savage inhuman vampires. Which means you need to know what you are getting into. But it is not without limitations.

Content may include: blood, gore, physical violence, physical intimidation, vampire, body horror, sharp objects, implied torture, simulated corpses, loud music, flashing lights, religious iconography and behavior, verbal aggression, fictional bigotry (vampire towards humans), partial nudity, drugs and alcohol.

These elements will not be easily avoidable during the event. If you are not able to handle these elements, please reconsider attending. Some of them can be toned down using our “Block” mechanic.

Content may include for some characters: Abusive relationships, alcoholism and substance addiction, paranoia, bullying and shaming,  homelessness, criminal behavior

Characters involving these elements will be clearly marked and you will not be obligated to play them. If your character includes these elements and you would like to avoid them, contact the staff to modify or reassign the character.

Content Limits

There are some elements we have decided not to include in our game. We do not feel they add anything to this particular event, represent an unnecessary barrier to the comfort of those who would otherwise like to participate, and/or would require more dedicated monitoring than we can safely provide.

The writing team will not include these elements, and players are forbidden from introducing them on their own.

Banned elements: Sexual assault and violence, racial violence, overt real-world bigotry and intolerance (use of racial slurs, sexual slurs, homophobia, transphobia, etc.)

Player Safety

The Night In Question team has a dedicated safety team and is governed by the Jackalope Live Action Studios Event Policies regarding harassment and safety.

Given the intense physical nature of the event, the game will involve a team of trained game monitors who will not be participating and will be clearly marked. They, along with other staff, can deal with safety concerns immediately. We will also train players on and enforce our safety and calibration techniques.

If you have any concerns regarding safety at the event, please contact us at

Sexuality and Gender

We want the players of The Night In Question to play out the gender and sexuality that they wish to. If a character has an explicit sexual preference or gender that you do not wish to embody, contact the staff and we will modify or reassign the character appropriately. If you encounter a theme in your character dealing with sexuality and gender you wish to opt out of, contact us as well. We can be reached at

Personal Contact and Romantic/Sexual Content

The sexual content you wish to engage in is firmly under your control as a participant. Rules for consent to physical contact, opting out, blocking and prior negotiation apply to sexual content. If you wish to have a sexual interest in another player’s character, you must do so with their explicit negotiated consent – even if the interest is only one way.

If someone declines, do not bring it up again. And the consent to sexual interest can be, like all consent, removed at any time for any reason. Remember – “No” means “no”, “maybe” means “no”, and “yes” said without anything less than enthusiasm and clarity is also “no.”

The Night In Question  is an adult game, and partial nudity is allowed. You may not expose your genitalia at the game.

Work-shopping involving simulating personal contact, including feeding and romantic content, will be done before the game. Personal and especially romantic contact is only allowed at game with explicit negotiation. Do not engage in sex or similar activities that might be considered sex.

Any issues regarding this during game, as well as any other violations of consent, can brought to any staff member or monitor.

No Dangerous Acts

Players are forbidden from doing physically unsafe acts, with or without consent, that are likely to injure themselves or others. Doing so will result in an immediate expulsion from the event.

No Drugs or Alcohol

Having or being under the influence of real world drugs and alcohol at game is forbidden. We are going to be doing heavy physical play, so this is dangerous and unacceptable.

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