Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns before the event happens?

Please email any questions to

Is there an age requirement for The Night In Question?

Players must be 18 years old or older.

What is LARP?

LARP is an acronym that stands for Live Action Role-Playing. It is an immersive interactive form of art and entertainment where there is no audience, only participants. Players immerse themselves in a fictional world to live briefly as another person. It combines elements of improvised theater, traditional role-playing games and performance art to create a unique and compelling experience.

There are many kinds of LARP. The popular image of LARP is of fantasy games played with swords and sorcery, but a LARP can be about anything you can think of. There are LARPs about political intrigue in Versailles, being a peasant in 18th century Russia or the gay culture in 1970s New York City. There are LARPs about the nature of death or the life of pop stars. Some are games for entertainment, and others are avant-garde art pieces. Some have many rules; and others none at all. But all of them are engaging and often emotional experiences that take you somewhere you’ve never been before.

Below is an excellent video featuring Bjarke Pedersen, a friend of Jackalope Live Action Studios, explaining what LARP means and why people find it so engaging –

What if I’ve never LARPed before or don’t know anything about World of Darkness, the Sabbat, etc.?

That’s okay! Remember, being a clueless mortal thrown headfirst into the World of Darkness is a major part of this game!

We are committed to making The Night In Question an experience both veterans and newcomers to the World of Darkness canon will enjoy. The rules will be heavily workshopped, and mortal characters do not need to know anything about the World of Darkness setting.

When do ticket sales end?

There are a maximum number of tickets of various types available for the event. When they are gone, they are gone.

Early bird ticket prices are limited to the first 40 tickets.

All ticket sales close two days before the event.

Learn more about tickets here.

When does character selection/casting start and how does it work?

Character selection will start at a to-be-determined time months before the event, and will be opened up to players in order of when they bought tickets. So Early Bird ticket holders first, then Standard ticket holders. Character selection is an online guided process using our software Larpweaver.

Characters in the Night In Question, like other bespoke-style LARPs, are mostly pre-generated.

I really really want to play with a specific person. Can I do that?

You can coordinate using the Larpweaver tool to receive characters in the same or related groups. If that does not work out, contact the staff.

What if I’m not happy with the character?

Contact the staff and they will try and accommodate you. We can adjust the character or see if we can arrange a switch with another player.

What should I wear and bring with me?

The Night In Question wants you to bring your best underground music scene costume: from cowpunk to industrial to pop punk and anything in between. No matter which type of style you choose, wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, torn, or covered in (fake) blood.

Please be mindful of your footwear: the site is rural, and you will be walking or running over gravel, sand, mud and dirt. If there is rain, you will get muddy. Flip-fops, sandals, dress shoes and the like are not appropriate.

Please bring a fresh change of clothes or two to the game – including socks and shoes. There is one cold water shower at site, and hygiene stations will be set up with wet wipes, water and soap. Bringing your own cleaning supplies might not be a bad idea, such as jug of water, hand soap, etc. We also recommend bringing bug spray and hand sanitizer.

What do I need to know about the site?

Cauldron’s Keep is about 20 minutes away from Bastrop, Texas where we’ll be running our pre-game workshop. There is plenty of outdoor parking at the event site and the workshop site. Parking at the event is not unlimited though, so please consider carpooling. Consider asking for carpooling buddies on our Facebook player group, or contact the staff at if you have any difficulties.

Cauldron’s Keep is a rural concert site: it has one outdoor shower, sinks only in the staff-only kitchen area and it uses portable toilets. Central Texas weather in September is usually mild, clear and pleasant, but it can be as warm as 80 degrees during the day and as chilly as 40 degrees at night. It is usually dry but rain is possible. Please keep this in mind when planning your costume and travel accommodations.

First-come first-serve primitive camping is free at Cauldron’s Keep starting Thursday before the game. If you plan to camp on-site, please pack for primitive camping: this means packing to account for a lack of electricity, limited running water, or full bathroom facilities. The hotel site in Bastrop will have restrooms available.

More information on the game site is available here.

What will the schedule be the day of the event?

The day will begin with workshopping at our hotel in Bastrop, which will include character creation and a thorough explanation of rules, out of character hand signals, etc. Then we will proceed to the game site.

The full schedule will be available here.

What if I arrive late?

While the meet and greet & character workshop is not required, arriving too late to participate fully in the safety workshops means you are not prepared for this event. They are absolutely required, and failure to show will result in you not being able to attend.

Please be punctual. It’s for your own fun.

Will there be food and drink concessions? What about meals?

Meals are not included in your ticket price. A dinner break between workshops and the event. There is no concessions availabe at the site. Bottled water will be provided by the staff.

How accessible is this game for people with disabilities?

The Night In Question is committed to making our game as accessible as possible to all those interested in attending. However, due to the game site’s physical properties, we are not able to accommodate scooters or wheelchairs, though the event space is accessible with a cane or other mobility aid. Please be advised that there are no stairs at the event site.

Please be advised that there will be strobe effects, a smoke machine, limited lighting and visibility at night, uneven ground and other visual hazards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss any special needs.

Will there be combat in The Night In Question?

A major part of the Sabbat is violence. But this does not mean you will experience actual physical contact of any kind unless you consent to it. All physical contact must have consent and pre-negotiation. This will be thoroughly explained during pre-game workshopping.

Are there any things I’m NOT allowed to do?

Content policies, including what you are not allowed to do with your character are listed here.

Will I get to choose my character?

Depending on the level of ticket you purchased, you’ll either have a custom character written for you, or you’ll be able to choose from a list of pre-generated characters crafted by our writers to drop you right into an amazing story. If any character needs to be adjusted to help you connect with it, we’ll work with you to make that happen.

Mortal characters will have a chance to experience the Creation Rites, the Sabbat’s transition between mortality and vampirism involving a simulated burial alive and clawing your way out. Don’t worry about who might snatch you up as a sire: you’ll be able to have that out-of-character negotiation with potential sires during the evening’s first act.

There will be a wide array of clans and bloodlines from which to choose. Some bloodlines will not be available – the Harbingers, the Salubri Antitribu – since they are present yet. A majority of the vampire characters will be Antitribu, though Lasombra and Tzimisce will be present.

What if I can’t handle what’s going on?

Given the themes of The Night In Question, which include horror, be prepared to be horrified!

That being said, our team is committed to your safety: we will have medical staff on site, as well as dedicated game monitors who are not participating, wearing reflective armbands. They are present to make sure rules are being followed, consent is being maintained, and to assist you if anything happens.

We will also have a staffed and monitored sanctuary space away from the game for anyone who might need a breather from the action, or is experiencing any issues.

Is the fake blood edible?

Yes, the fake blood we provide will be technically edible, though we do not recommend drinking it in significant quantities. Some more appetizing blood recipes may be made available for more… culinary scenes.

We will provide an ingredient list for those who have allergies or other dietary concerns.

Can I use my mobile phone during the game?

Given the limited availability of mobile phones during the 1990s, and the lack of rural phone coverage, please do not use your phone in-character during the event. There will be an out-of-character area available for you if you need to use your phone in case of an emergency.

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